A more tasteful gin

What a bewildering variety of gins there is today, some bars stock hundreds. A few handcrafted, many not. Some notes distilled into the gin, others added after. Ultimately the vast majority of gins taste like any other, and by the time you mix in any tonic many people struggle to tell them apart. This is what makes McQueen so refreshingly different. Distinguised by embracing a wide spectrum of pure distilled flavours, whilst holding on to its essential juniper character, McQueen gin is crafted to be simply unmistakeable.

Pure flavours, crafted not added

McQueen Gin is infused with the natural notes of hand-selected botanicals during its distillation, with nothing added after. Each of our intriging flavours is a world's first, pure and perfectly balanced, for the discerningly adventurous gin drinker.

Awarded from design to distillation

From being distilled in a barn in Scotland to winning awards around the globe, McQueen is a flavour-packed small-batch gin, making a big impact on the world's oversaturated gin scene.

A rare delight

Our deep commitment to limited-series distillations ensures every drop of McQueen Gin is infused with the same perfect balance of botanicals. There might be less to go around, but that means savouring each sip is that little bit more special.

Beautiful inside and out

Awarded around the world almost as much as the spirit insde, the McQueen decanter was crafted to be every bit as beautiful and distinctive as our unique flavoured gins.