Charity work

Charity work

At McQueen, the community is at the heart of everything that we do.  We support a number of charities, but in particular, our local charity. The Ripple Retreat is a purpose-built sanctuary for children affected by cancer. The charity‚Äôs ultimate goal is to create a safe, relaxed and enjoyable space for the entire family to escape the challenges of their illness.

Over the course of the last twelve months, we have donated fresh food hampers for the families staying at the Ripple Retreat  and provided food, drinks, and snacks vouchers for families whilst visiting hospitals.

As part of the recent Ripple Retreat Big Weekend In event. Dale and Vicky hosted a Saturday Night virtual tasting and cocktail nights on Zoom, donating the drinks and mixers. We believe that these acts of genuine kindness differentiate McQueen.

At the start of the Global pandemic, we stopped distilling gin and started producing hand sanitiser, donating, rather than selling over 450 bottles to the local community.

On April 24th 2021 Dale McQueen will be completing a Marathon for the charity in his full tartan attire, this is not an east task for a man his age! You can donate here.