The McQueen Way

Doing it the McQueen Way

We differentiate ourselves from the rest by living our values, not just saying them. Every member of the extended McQueen family take pride in every single bottle of McQueen Gin that comes out of our distillery. Dale and Vicky have an infectious passion for McQueen Gin and make sure that translates to all staff and visitors alike.

Everything that we do at McQueen is driven by our three company values.


Driven to create unique and dynamic flavour offerings.  Passion for supporting and developing our team.


We are transparent about how we create our spirits using only natural ingredients.


We are committed to delivering a high-quality product at an affordable price.

From the very first sip, there’s something wonderful about our gins. Our sense of adventure when sourcing ingredients, our constant desire to push the boundaries, our quest for perfection and, most important of all, our passion to create a very special drink. When Dale and Vicky McQueen first set out to create a uniquely Scottish gin, they weren’t overly interested in what had gone on before. Their mission was to experiment with the finest botanicals, to produce masterful combinations of flavours, to showcase their products in iconic, beautiful packaging and to delight their customers. Right from the start, it was different. You could call it thinking outside the box, you could call it a sense of innovation. You could call it a refreshing approach. We just call it the McQueen Way.

Innovate at Pace

McQueen Gin is now available through a wide cross-section of retail outlets and more are on their way. Our reputation is growing, our brand awareness is widening and our awards are piling up. We’re on a journey that continues apace, but we will never lose our original vision of a gin brand that is constantly looking to improve and always seeking out new flavours. We’ll always have a commitment to innovation, and we’ll continue to experiment with tastes which might originally seem a little left-field. That is the McQueen Way and it’s the only way we’ll ever operate.

McQueen Gins