The spirit of Family McQueen

Passionately distilled by the McQueen family, there is a pride in crafting McQueen Gin that is every bit as important to its flavours as the botanicals themselves. With a genuine dedication to our craft and our customers, we sign our family name to the back of every bottle of gin we make.


Carefully crafted in Callander, Scotland

McQueen Gin is as full of natural character as its home. The picturesque town of Callander is the gateway to famous Loch Lomond and the historic Trossachs, Scotland's oldest National Park. With distillery tours daily, everyone is welcome. So those who have only enjoyed McQueen from a distance, can discover first-hand how we craft our unique flavours.

A more tasteful gin

What a bewildering variety of gins there is today, some bars stock hundreds. A few handcrafted, many not. Some notes distilled into the gin, others added after. Ultimately the vast majority of gins taste like any other, and by the time you mix in any tonic many people struggle to tell them apart.