Gin cocktails? We’re all for it!

Gin cocktails? We’re all for it!

After a Summer that we all can’t really complain about, it’s starting to look like it might be beginning to dwindle as the more grey and cold weather that we’re used to is making a much more regular appearance, at least up here in Scotland! As the good weather starts to disappear, what better way to welcome Autumn than to find a new cocktail that is absolutely perfect for the changing seasons? We like to think we know our gin, and we think gin is the perfect foundation for cocktails, with a few in particular providing the most delicious of Autumn cocktails!

On a general note, it’s been apparent to us at McQueen recently that cocktails are really taking off, with all you enthusiastic and passionate gin drinkers always looking for new ways to enjoy your gin – step up, the cocktail! Whether it’s our loyal customers sharing their images of their own unique cocktails or a stockist telling us about how they use our range of gins, we’re seeing more and more people using our distilled flavour gins as the basis for exciting and somewhat different cocktails.

We see first hand the emergence of varied gin drinkers, as opposed to the more traditional ‘gin drinker’ that we all think of. Don’t get us wrong, we love a beautiful, crisp G&T just as much as the next person. However, as you might be able to tell from the range of products we have, we also like to accommodate those of you that want to try something a bit different!

When it comes to our unique flavour profiles, one thing we tend to see is people using them as the basis for their own bespoke cocktails. By introducing, for example, a smokey chilli flavoured gin (we know someone who might be able to get you that…), you are going to have a cocktail that is different to what is on offer elsewhere. So, whether you’re a bar or restaurant, or just want to impress your friends, you can create something unique and really make people sit up and take note! We also see lots of people using our gins to add an extra dimension to the more well-known existing cocktails. For example, if you look at the classic Mojito that so many people know and love, what better way to make it a bit different and more interesting than using McQueen Chocolate Mint Gin? Just what the doctor ordered.

Looking for the perfect Autumn cocktail? Then look no further than the Gin Mule that we feature on our website. The perfect contrast and combination of sweet and spicy flavours provides the kick that you look for, whilst also touching on that warmth that we require moving into Autumn. The perfect serve for this one is as follows:


– 50ml McQueen Chocolate Mint Gin
– 150ml Ginger Beer
– 15ml Lime Juice
– Ice
– Glass: Rocks
– Garnish: Lime Slice


– Half fill glass with ice
– Pour over McQueen Chocolate Mint Gin and Lime Juice
– Top up with ginger beer and stir well
– Garnish with a slice of lime and serve