True Love for Craft Spirit

True Love for Craft Spirit

Valentine’s day gin guide

Whether you luuurrrrvvv it or HATE it, Valentine’s Day is almost here, and we’ve got some great news. However you feel about this ‘most “romantic” of days’, McQueen Gin has you covered! Here’s how our delicious gins can help you survive Valentine’s – whatever your relationship status is:

Dating: Ah dating, when you drink to enjoy each other’s company, not escape it. What better way to impress your new partner than with your fine taste in true craft gin! Our carefully distilled flavours can help inspire your card writing too – ‘to my sweetheart citrus’; ‘dear smokey chilli hot stuff’; ‘for the cool as chocolate mint man in my life’. You’re welcome, thank us later!

Engaged: Just got engaged? Congratulations, McQueen Gin is the perfect toast to celebrate! Been engaged a while already? Congratulations, McQueen Gin is the perfect toast to help forget the impending cost of a wedding. It’s also a real crowd pleaser at the wedding too (hint, hint). And ladies, you can even use our beautiful glass bottle to magnify that ring.

Just Married: Woohoo, the honeymoon! Whether you’re doing a cheap and cheerful minimoon or jetting off to some fancy all-inclusive resort, why not pack a bottle of your favourite McQueen Gin to enjoy in the room (tonic and clothing optional). Hopefully you won’t need that magnifying bottle we mentioned.

Married: The honeymoon is over. Like, over-over. You forgot your anniversary last year, but a bottle of delicious McQueen Gin might help make up for it on Valentine’s. Probably not, but least while they are drinking, you’ll get break from being reminded about it. And who knows, it might even remind them of that bottle you took on the honeymoon…

Single: Not to worry! There’s plenty gin in the sea, or something like that. Find your perfect drinking partner with our McQueen Matcher.

And look on the bright side, nobody really wants to share their McQueen Gin anyway.