McQueen Community Hand Sanitiser

McQueen Community Hand Sanitiser

McQueen supports local front line workers and those most in need with free Hand Sanitiser.

Here, at McQueen Gin HQ, we watch in awe of those of our community who put themselves in danger to protect us all from COVID 19, we salute you with deep gratitude.


We are helping in a very small way, by creating Hand Sanitizer, in 750ml spray bottles, and distributing for free.

Our aim is to support our local community, not generate a source of income.

We will support, vulnerable at-risk groups, carers, front line retail staff, health workers, and indeed any local individual who interacts directly with the general public to keep services running safely for all our benefit. We hope we can decrease the risk for you and consequently reduce strain on our health services.

This product is NOT for sale and is NOT available from our distillery. It is NOT available to the general public outside of the above categories.

Should you fall into one of the categories that we support, and our hand sanitiser can help, please email, with contact details, numbers required, and why you need it.