We’re making the move to glass!

We’re making the move to glass!

Here at McQueen Gin, we’re in the process of making the shift towards using glass bottles, in a move that helps us continue to strive to work in the most environmentally friendly manner possible.

We’ll be phasing in the change as we look to make the move from our much-loved ceramic bottle, but don’t worry, we’ll be making sure that the bottle keeps its character, shape and style that we’ve all fell so much in love with – it is still very much ‘McQueen’!

We were able to first introduce the new glass battle through our participation in the Aldi Scottish Gin Festival 2018 and have more recently introduced the glass bottle versions of the Sweet Citrus and Super Premium Dry gin via out listing in Sainsbury’s stores throughout Scotland that we revealed to you recently!

The move to a glass bottle is something that we considered for some time as we are big advocates of brands working in a way which helps protect the planet, which made these first steps a logical move. Speaking about the move, our MD and co-founder Dale said:

‘’We’ve seen the demand for our gin continue to grow which is very exciting for us. Our bottle design has been central to the establishment of our brand and the popularity of the gin. However, with our beautiful planet in mind, we decided it was time to look into introducing a more eco-friendly glass bottle to the current range. We placed a high level of importance in ensuring that our values and products’ qualities are considered and never compromised through the process. Our unique distillation process where no flavour elements are added after the gin leaves the still remains, allowing us to stay true to the McQueen ways. We’ve also made sure that the beautiful engravement and shape elements to the original bottle remain, so our customers can continue to enjoy the McQueen experience!’’

We look forward to helping people continue to discover the most pure of gin experiences, in a way that ensures they’re doing their bit for our planet along the way!