McQueen Raspberry & Vanilla Gin Launches in Sainsbury’s

McQueen Raspberry & Vanilla Gin Launches in Sainsbury’s

We are so excited to announce the recent launch of McQueen Raspberry & Vanilla Gin in Scottish Sainsbury’s stores!

Just in time
If social media is anything to go by, it seems a lot of people are becoming VERY aware that the year is flying by. With just three months left, we could not be more delighted with how the first three quarters of our 2019 journey has taken us and this fantastic new flavour is like Raspberry & Vanilla ‘icing on the cake’!

More innovation to come
As you know, we opened our new, much larger, distillery back in March. The new facility increased capacity by 1000%, but more than additional room for stock, it has allowed us to innovate bigger and faster than ever before. This is so important to us, as we will always be committed to bringing delicious and creative new products to the adventurous gin drinkers who love McQueen Gin.

McQueen Raspberry & Vanilla Gin tasting notes
In our latest adventurous Scottish spirit, we have taken wonderfully bright and sharp raspberry notes and complemented them perfectly with a subtle blanket of smooth vanilla. This delicious balance of flavours is backed by the unmistakeable juniper character of all McQueen Gins, and is presented with a truly unique bold red appearance.

McQueen Raspberry & Vanilla Gin perfect serve
The latest addition to our range is a wonderfully versatile gin, perfect for exploring new combinations. But (just in case), here’s the way we like it best:

50ml McQueen Raspberry & Vanilla Gin
100ml Premium Tonic Water
Big Ice
Garnish with fresh raspberries

Finishing 2019 strong
While there might not be much of the year left, we should all be striving to pack as many amazing experiences into it as possible. Maybe start by trying McQueen Raspberry & Vanilla Gin (just a little suggestion).

Here at McQueen, we’re already buzzing about what is still to come. The Scottish Gin Awards are on the horizon, and we are proud to be nominated for no less than four awards! And, while we won’t say too much right now, if you think we’re going to stop our 2019 adventure with this Raspberry & Vanilla ‘icing on the cake’, just wait for ‘the cherry on top’…

Now, where’s the closest Sainsbury’s?